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Import Customs Requirements

Import Customs Requirements:

Import Customs Requirements

Bangladesh Customs inaugurated the “Automation program of Customs” ASYCUDA WORLD

w,e,f. 1 September 2013. Customs website is

MLOs are required to submit IGM 48hrs prior to vessel arrival at Chittagong (as per Feeder

Operator’s ETA declaration to Port/Customs not as per Proforma Schedule or ETB).

Presently Forwarders are licensed and submit IGM to Customs online 24hrs of Feeder arrival at

Chittagong, supplementary IGM declared by their name as Consignee.

Accordingly, Forwarders become liable for any discrepancy of cargo (e.g.; short/excess/mis-

declaration/ wrong mark/nil mark/weight etc.,)

All POL colleagues must ensure all Forwarders appear as Consignee/Notify Party on BL are

enlisted in Bangladesh customs site ( with valid AIN.

Bank Notes, Security Papers, Printing Ink for Currency are not acceptable as CFS cargo.

It must be on CY status. Prior intimation must be given to POD at least 72 hours before vessel

ETA to arrange appropriate security & to obtain necessary documents to facilitate cargo

discharge permission.

Onion, Garlic, Dates, Ginger are highly perishable cargo by nature. Should be direct delivery

from Vessel hook point, otherwise Containers will be discharge on Chassis. All costs, risk,

responsibilities will be on account of Shipper/Consignee.

Only High Security BULLET SEAL must be used for all Inbound Containers per port regulations.

All shipments must have Consignee and/or Notify name address. Shipments that do not have

this info will be ROB (Retain On Board) and expense on Origin/Shipper.

Following information are mandatory to be declared in the IGM (Import General Manifest):

  • Bill of Lading No., Voy no., Departure date from last port of call, Customs Code, Carrier AIN.
  • Freight Forwarders AIN, BIN of Bank & actual Importer in Bangladesh.
  • Consignee/Notify party’s full name and address. P.O Box is not acceptable.
  • Container/Seal Number.
  • No of Packages/Nature/Commodity and code as per custom’s website ‘’.
  • Gross/Net Weight for cargo & container Marks and Numbers.
  • Status (FCL/FCL(PART)/LCL).


To download the information, click here.