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FCL, LCL & Military Restrictions

LCL Cargo:

LCL Restrictions

LCL shipments is un-stuffed at Port Yard under supervision of Chittagong Port Authority. Upon

un-stuffing of LCL container, if there is any damage / short landing / shortage against B/L

quantity, the Customs Authority imposed penalty @ 200 % on duty involved of the short-landed

cargo in addition to cargo claim on C&F value to Carrier.

No single package will be acceptable by port Authorities as LCL which exceeds weight limit of 3


No Food item, Raw cotton, Ckd goods, perishable cargo, food grains / products, cement,

fertilizer, rape, sheds, loose scrapes, C.I. sheets, C.P. sheets, G.P.sheets, tin plates, or similar

type of iron materials, tyre cord and other, outside storable cargo are not acceptable as LCL (CFS).

Cargo on account of security printing press, Securities / Currency item, not acceptable as LCL

Dangerous cargo of class -01 & class - V11 is not acceptable as LCL (CFS)


FCL Cargo:

FCL Restrictions

Penalty is levied against cargo stuffed into container under term FCL/FCL.

FCL container must be under one consignment/one consignee.

Different consignments stuffed into one FCL/FCL container are against port regulations.

POL must not accept FCL container with more than one consignment/Consignee.


Military / Sensitive Cargo:

Military / Sensitive Cargo

The container stuffed with Defense cargo/Currency notes allowed for landing subject

consignee arranges direct delivery. Also mention consignee / notify parties telephone / fax and

email number in the Bill of Lading for sensitive cargo.


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