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Commodity Restriction

Service Points



Personnel Effect



Exception: Embassies / High Commissions / United

Nations related organizations.



Reefer boxes 220 Volts are not acceptable for

Chittagong discharge since there are strict restrictions

by the port authority as there is no such facility

at Chittagong, but 440 Volts is acceptable.

Food Item


 Subject to below Notes.

· Radioactivity test report from the concerned authority of the exporting country for food

items (Import Policy Order, 2015-2018 Para 16)

· Clearance certificate(s) from the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission for food items to

the effect that the radioactivity level found in the imported food-stuff is within the acceptable limit.

·  Pre-shipment Inspection test report for milk food products and powder milk, coal and hard

coke, Break Acrylic (HS 39.15 and 3915.90), M.S. Billets (7207) and for items where

the value of a single item authorized for import by public sector agencies is Taka fifty lac

or above.

Animal; Plant & plant



 Subject to below Notes.

· Imported animals, plants and plant products required to observe quarantine conditions

(such as certification from quarantine department, fumigation etc.)

· Import of raw cotton produced and packed in Western Hemisphere require fumigation as

per Import Policy Order, 2015-2018 Para 26(60).

Hazardous / DG Cargo


 Subject to below Notes.

· DG container landing permission have to obtain from Bangladesh Navy in advance

as there is a huge naval fleet & installation inside port adjacent to container berths.

· All dangerous cargo must have declaration of IMO Class and number in the cargo


Also mention consignee / notify parties telephone / fax and email number in the Bill of

lading for all hazardous cargo.

·Hazardous cargo under IMO Class 1 and 7 are allowed landing for direct delivery (on-

chassis delivery) with prior permission of naval Authorities (NAIO) and subject to

the readiness of consignee for taking direct delivery. No space of such cargo in port's transit

shed is allowed by the port authority.

·All the others hazardous cargo covered by IMO Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are allowed

landing with prior permission of naval Authorities. Also mention consignee / notify parties

telephone / fax and email number in the Bill of Lading for all hazardous cargo.

·NB : Below documents must be required in ORIGINAL for DG approval from NAIO (If

cargo is Calcium Carbide; Sulphur; Refrigerant Gas, Fish Meal, Tetrafluoroethene,

Liquefied Gas, Isobutane, Chlorodifluoromethane etc.) prior arrival cargo at

Chittagong. Otherwise Bangladesh Naval Authority not allow discharging permission

(Discharge held-over) from the vessel.

1. B/L, invoice, packing list.

2. Authorization certificate from CCI&E.

3. Import permission of explosive department.

4. Storage and user license from DC.

Below mentioned commodities are considered as Dg here in Bangladesh:

COMMODITY             IMO     UN

==========                        ===         ====

BEER                          3          1170

ASSORTED WHISKY 3.3       3065

RAW COTTON                       4.1       1999

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