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Other Procedures

Manifest Amendments:

Manifest Amendments

Customs authorities have issued instruction drawing the attention to the customs act section-45

that henceforth any amendment including name of importer / address / marks / quantity /weight /

description of cargo including cargo stuffed into container are not to be accepted by them after

submission of online Import General Manifest (IGM) to customs automation system.

  • Amendments Procedure (After submission of online IGM to customs)

Local consignee’s clearing agent has to apply to Customs Authority with for amending manifest

enclosing B/L, L/C, Invoice, Packing List, Correction Notice from POL, Shipper’s LOI etc. all in

original for necessary Customs formalities and it is consignee's responsibility to get the

amendment manifest be accepted by the Customs Authority.

Customs fine & penalty, if any, which to be known as and when Customs amendment

formalities are completed by the consignee and which to be paid to the Customs Authority by

the local clearing agent appointed by consignee.

If consignee is ready to absorb all the cost & responsibilities for IGM amendment in Custom’s,

then POL agent may proceed to amend BL in system.


Cargo Delivery:

Cargo Delivery

According to local customs regulations, receivers are not authorized to perform import customs

clearance formalities without original B/Ls i.e. to obtain customs clearance for processing delivery

of cargo, receivers must present original B/L to customs Authorities. In other words, express

release  procedure is not acceptable except for shipments of non-commercial cargo.

Additional Very Important point:

For Import cargo – If the consignee comes to us & produce his HB/L duly endorsed by the Bank &

if the Freight shows “PREPAID” – Then we have to issue D/O. This is NEW law set by Joint

Task Force & being followed as compulsion. Sometimes POL colleagues adv us to hold the cargo


i)Forwarder/Shipper has not surrendered our OB/L for any reason or

ii) Freight shows Prepaid – but actually not yet received by POL Colleague at Load port.

So – as per new local rule, whether OB/L surrendered or not, Freight actually received or not at

POL – If the HB/L is written “Freight Prepaid” & Bank endorsed, we cannot hold cargo release.

If we hold,consignee directly goes to Port & basis of the new local rule, port allows cargo delivery

w ithout waiting for our D/O.


Idle Full Procedure:

Idle Full Procedure

If consignee will not take delivery of their cargo, then carrier can apply to the Customs Authority

with the request to sale the cargo by auction as abandoned cargo after 30 days of aging.

If reefer cargo is not taken delivery, Port deducts “Electric consumption & monitoring fee @

USD 9 per day (+15% vat) from the Carrier. No mercy to this charge.

  • Auction / Abandon Procedure:

The auction sale procedure in Bangladesh is very hard and lengthy procedure.

There is no specific rule for abandoned cargo and auctioning of un-cleared / abandoned cargo

is entirely Customs jurisdiction.

The carriers or its agents do not have any scope to arrange auction of any un-delivered cargo

rather it is the Customs Authority to arrange auction sale of goods which is not cleared by the

consignee from long time after due notice to consignee / notify party.

Further, there is no chance to recover any demurrage/dues by the carrier from the sale proceeds.


Return / re-shipment Procedure:

Return / re-shipment Procedure

Re-shipment / return of any goods from Bangladesh is very troublesome, lengthy procedure, time

consuming factor, expensive, also lot of permission/documents are required from concern

authorities,which to be obtained by shipper/consignee or their nominated clearing agent.

If any shipment arrives at Chittagong Carrier have to manifest / declare cargo to customs


Once manifest declared to the Customs Authority against respective CNEE / NP, there is no scope

to return the cargo without maintains formalities.

Shipper will instruct their local consignee / nominated agent to advice cost & formalities for return


In general, below listed documents required (Return/re-shipment ex-Chittagong):

1) A letter from the shipper stating satisfactory explanation for non-acceptance / return of the

cargo by the consignee.

2) A letter from the shipper that all expenses will be borne by the shipper and no Bangladeshi

currency will be involved for return / reshipment cargo.

3) A letter from the overseas buyer towards cancellation of order (if applicable).

4) An authorization letter from the shipper asking return of the goods.

5) No objection certificate (NOC) from the importer/ consignee in Bangladesh in returning the


6) No objection certificate (NOC) from the LC opening Bank if the cargo can be returned /


7) No objection certificate (NOC) from the local shipping agents.

8) No objection certificate from Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) through L/C opening Bank.

9) Following original shipping documents are required:

    (i) Bill of Lading; (ii) Invoice & Packing list; (iii) Letter of credit (LC); (iv) LCA form

Shipper must advise/negotiate with Consignee to make an arrangement with forwarding and to

pass necessary document to their nominate CLEARING AGENT. After receipt of necessary all

above original documents 45 -60 days are required for return ex- Chittagong if everything goes



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